What makes us different?

What makes Safe Hands different?

1. We believe work shouldn’t hurt

We believe passionately that using any digital device – whatever its shape or size – shouldn’t leave you in pain.

2. We go beyond your desk

At work, at home and everywhere in between - we believe everything you do has an impact on the way you feel physically which is why we consider all of it as part of your assessment.

3. We never assume one size fits all

Every one of us is built differently and we all use digital devices differently. This is why we create tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each individual or workplace.

4. We are not affiliated with any ergonomic equipment manufacturers

Why is this important? Because we won’t try to sell you an expensive chair (or any other piece of ergo equipment) that you likely don’t need. We start by showing you how to use the equipment you already have in a better, safer way. We will make recommendations for ergo equipment when we think it’s necessary, but it will only be for equipment we’ve tried, tested and loved ourselves.