Give your back a break

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Give your back a break

Anyone who takes public transportation to work knows that getting a seat for the ride is one of those small personal triumphs that makes the daily commute that little bit less of a drudgery.

When you sit, you’re less likely to get an elbow in the gut or an armpit in your face, but what you are going to get is more pain in your back.

Most of us sit ALL DAY at the office, giving our backs little reprieve so it’s no wonder that so many of us have back pain. Standing on the way to work is just one way we can give our backs a break.

Here are some more quick wins to get you standing more and sitting less:

  • Take a walk during your lunch break.
  • Walk to a colleague’s desk rather than sending an email.
  • Stand up when you’re on the phone.

For more ideas, check out the Just Stand website.

Standing more and sitting less does more than lessen your chances of developing or increasing back pain, it can also decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression according to James A. Levine, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

So next time you’re on the train, tube, subway or bus, why not offer that seat to someone else?

Safe Hands will help you assess your current situation to uncover possible causes of discomfort or pain. We will suggest adjustments you can make to your behaviour and to all of your computer workspaces – at the office, at home and everywhere in between. Finally, we will talk to you about a range of factors that can contribute to the way you feel physically. Get in touch to find out more.