10 steps to comfortable computing

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10 steps to comfortable computing

Here are ten things you can do to help keep you safe and pain-free while using digital devices:

Try these easy steps for comfortable computing:

  1. Take a break from typing/mousing/scrolling – five minutes break for every 30 minutes of work
  2. Move around during those breaks – stand up, walk, stretch
  3. Make sure top of monitor is at eye level – stop looking down
  4. Don’t pinch phone between ear and shoulder – get a headset
  5. Don’t sit on feet or cross them or legs under desk – plant feet flat on floor when typing
  6. Don’t rest wrists, forearms, elbows when typing/mousing/scrolling
  7. Bring mouse as close to side of body as possible – don’t reach out for it
  8. Sit all the way back in chair – use the backrest
  9. Relax fingers while typing, eg, are you doing ‘tea-drinking’ pinky finger?
  10. Get some exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be terribly strenuous or painful, but do something to get your blood moving.
Safe Hands will help you assess your current situation to uncover possible causes of discomfort or pain. We will suggest adjustments you can make to your behaviour and to all of your computer workspaces – at the office, at home and everywhere in between. Finally, we will talk to you about a range of factors that can contribute to the way you feel physically. Get in touch to find out more.