If they’re old enough for coding, they’re old enough for ergonomics

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If they're old enough for coding, they're old enough for ergonomics

Is your little one signed up for computer coding camp yet?

American Jill Hodges has brought the craze to the UK with her Fire Tech Camp, busting open the mystery of coding to young people of all ages.

According to the Fire Tech website, Jill is “passionate about giving children opportunities to be creative, and about turning their love of technology into innovation, skills and confidence”.


We hope that ergonomics is integrated into the curriculum too. Computing and ergonomics must go hand in hand, like canoeing and lifejackets in a more traditional summer camp.

Why can’t we teach our children to use computers in a safe and healthy way, enabling them to work pain free into old age if they want to?

By giving our young ones information on how to set up and use safe workstations and the importance of taking breaks from digital devices and getting enough exercise, we can save them from the musculoskeletal problems that could potentially cut short their computing lifetime.

If we give them this information at the same time as we are attempting to grow their interest in working with computers more deeply, it’ll become their default setting.

It’s time we make ergonomics part of every young person’s computing education. Here are a few quick and inexpensive tips for your kids’ computer workstation(s):

  • Prop screen up on some books to make sure it’s at eye level.
  • Get a detachable keyboard and mouse so they can work with arms at 90-degree angle with shoulders relaxed.
  • Take a 5-minute break from all screens every 30 minutes.
Safe Hands will help you assess your current situation to uncover possible causes of discomfort or pain. We will suggest adjustments you can make to your behaviour and to all of your computer workspaces – at the office, at home and everywhere in between. Finally, we will talk to you about a range of factors that can contribute to the way you feel physically. Get in touch to find out more.