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Workstation Risk Assessment

Safe Hands provides workstation risk assessments and repetitive strain injury prevention training for any space where computers and other digital devices are used.

We want to help you improve workspace wellbeing. We believe a big part of this is having safe, comfortable workplaces and workstations that promote pain-free use of digital devices. We believe that feeling good is going to make you more creative, more productive and generally happier.


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How we can help you

Group talks with workstation set up demo

We’ll come in and demonstrate safe workstation set up to your team (in groups of up to 12 people at a time). We’ll talk to you about good digital habits and get a discussion going about ways to normalise movement in your workplace.

One-on-one assessments

We take a holistic approach for our one-on-one assessments, taking into account all of the workstations you use – at the office, at home, and everywhere in between – as well as your digital device habits and your overall health.

Tailor-made reports

We will provide a tailor-made report which outlines any problem areas, offers recommendations you can implement to improve workstation set up and digital device habits and provides advice on how to improve your whole workplace or individual situation.
We work wherever you work

Traditional offices

Do you work in a traditional office alongside loads of other people? Great! We can show you all how to set up safely and how to help each other stay safe even when we aren’t around to bug you about it.

Co-working spaces

Whatever shape your workspace takes, we can show you how to use it in the best way possible. We will demonstrate how to set up and how to keep yourself safe when you’re the only one responsible.

Everywhere else

We can show you how to work well wherever you are - using what’s readily available. And if we can’t visit you in person, we can do a virtual assessment via Skype.

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Take regular movement breaks while #WorkingFromHome to help prevent aches & pains that can arise from using workstations that aren’t set up optimally. @smartbreak thriveglobal.com/stories/tips…

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What our clients say about us ...

Raquel’s extremely thorough assessment and recommendations not only made an improvement for the user but taught me so much about how to assess each individual’s behaviour and to consider every aspect of their life but most of all how to explain in a way that allows THEM to understand their own body.

Georga Costi - Safety Risk Advisor, National Theatre

Safe Hands were so helpful and gave such sensible, straightforward advice. Working with them has definitely made the phrases “health and safety” and “workplace assessments” seem less daunting and something which our small charity can comply with—with ease!

Jo Wilson - Chief Executive at Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation

Safe Hands did assessments with our entire team. They looked at each of our workstations and the way we were using them and then offered practical, inexpensive (or no-expense) ways we could make modifications to suit our specific needs. They really made us think differently about how we work and how to prevent pain.

Diana Nammi - Director at Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation

I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder, arms and back. Safe Hands watched the way I use my computer and my whole workstation and offered practical solutions I could put in place right away that have helped eliminate some of my pain. They really got me thinking about how I could change the way I use my desktop computer, iPhone, and even my laptop at home.

Samantha Burridge - Head of Operations at JUSTICE

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